Level Playing Field

Welcome to Level Playing Field

We built Level Playing Field (“LPF”) for you. Please use this forum to share information about a case you are or were involved in (whether it is already in arbitration or a counter-party is trying to force it to arbitration), to share information on a claim you are considering filing, to share stories, documents, news, and anything else related to forced arbitration. If you need help, we - and the forum at-large - will do our best to assist.

You can also message us privately if you’re not sure if you’re allowed to share information about your case. We’ve yet to encounter a non-negotiated consumer agreement that included a confidentiality clause but are happy to review. As of this post, AAA and JAMS consumer rules do not create a requirement of confidentiality.

LPF is a publicly searchable database of consumer and employee arbitration cases. It unlocks due diligence and information-sharing opportunities that didn’t previously exist.

LPF is organized as a 501c3 so donations are charitable tax deductions. We use those donations to maintain and update the database and add new features - like this forum. We’re also available to provide analyses of the data we’ve collected.

Many consumer forums have come and gone over the years. When a forum fails, its content may be lost forever. As a 501c3, we hope we can keep LPF and this forum alive and useful over the long term.

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